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Her Presence In Colours VII-International Women Artists Exhibition- Korea 2006 held at Daegu Art and Cultural Center 26 Sep 2006 to 1 October 2006  was an overwhelm success.  145 women artists from various regions of the world of different ethnic background exhibited their works together under one roof. The theme: " Life of Colours" reflect  the multi cultural backgrounds and the complexity of media, techniques and approaches in relation to the exhibits .

Opening Ceremony : September 26, 2006 at 5.30pm -7.00pm
Welcome Reception  for all the women artists
at the Daegu Culture and Arts Center-
Organized by: International Women Artists Council, INWAA-Korea
Auspices: Museum of Natural Dye Arts
Supported by: Daegu Metropolitan City, Green Cable Television Station 9 corporation), The Association of Korean Traditional Natural Dyeing Research (AKTND)
Sponsors: Daegu Bank, Daegu Department Store



Program of the opening
1. Daegu Mayor- Mr. KIM Bom Il delivered the opening address.

2. Welcome speech by Prof. Kim Ji Hee, Director of Museum of Natural Dye

cum chairperson of Internatioanl Women Artists- Korea

3.  Keynote address by Ms Yuen Chee Ling, President of International women artists Council

4. Natural Dyeing Fashion show- presented by Museum of Natural Dye Arts


Art Conference :
Cultural Diversity and Identity
Venie: Daegu Culture and Arts Center-Conference Hall 
Date/ Time:  28 Sept 2006 at 10.00 -16.00


Invited speakers and related topics:
1. Where to seek the source of Artistic Creation?  presented by Zhao Heng- ( Chairperson, INWAA-China)
2. The Women Art Motivation and Inspiration presented by Sandra Angliss (Chairperson, INWAA-Australia)
3. Part one- Her Presence In Colours I-VI & Part 2 -  Batik Art In Malaysia  presented by Yuen Chee Ling , President,  INWAC

4. Women's Art Cultural identity and Diversity presented by Panni Loh,  (Chairperson, INWAA-UK)

5. Does Female Gender Exist in Korean Art? presented by Park Nam- Hee

6. Cultural identity and Diversity in Thailand presented by Dr. Prapapan Nagavachara (Chairperson, INWAA-Thailand)



Schedule of activities

4-25 Sep-Arrival of  women artists from various regions of the world.

26 Sep- Opening and Welcome reception and fashion show- natural dyeing.

27 Sep- International seminar and workshop- Museum of Natural Dyes- indigo and Safflower of Korea.

28 Sep-Visit to Daegu Museum ( morning)

Art Conference at the Daegu Culture and Arts Center- International Conference Hall  .

29 Sep -Daegu City Tour.

30 Sep- Tour Gyeongju - Bulguksai Temple, Gyeongju Folk Hadicraft Village, Cheonmachong ( Tomb)


Related Art and Cultural Activities-
Art tour, cultural visit , art conference, natural dyes seminar cum workshop,
women artists-get-together dinner cum camp fire...
International seminar and workshop- Indigo and Safflower of Korea.
at  Museum of Natural Dyes Arts on 27 Sep- 2006

Invited speakers:
Liang- Yunn Chen- The development of Natural Dye in Taiwan

Prof. Kim Ji Hee- A study on traditional and modern Dye methods of the Korean Safflower adn its Application

Tokushima Pefecture- Development in Nautral Dye Indigo in the last years in Tokushima, Japan

Shu Yong Wang- Research of the community Learning strategics based on the establishment of Sanshia indigo Dyeing Culture