Art Conference
Friday August 23, 2002
Theme :
‘International Women’s Art Towards a Sustainable Environment’
Venue :
Medical Education Center, Sheffield
Mrs Marjorie Parker , Sheffield Lord Mayor delivered the Art Conference opening address.
The speakers: Sandra Angliss, and the organizing Chairperson, Panni Loh ,
Yuen chee Ling, Judy Wong and
David Haley

Sandra Angliss,

Community Arts teacher
"Public Art In Australia"

Yuen Chee Ling,
President of International Women Arts Council/ Director of Conservatory of Fine Arts
"Women's Sensibilities in Art"

Judy Wong,
Director of the Black Environment Network for the U.K.
“Black Environment and the Arts"

David Haley,
Research Coordinator, Arts for health, Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K.
" Models Of Sustainable Development And Art”
At the registration counter
Everybody paint together!
Participants during Tea break
Her Presence In Colours V
- Women Art In Asia
Tuesday 28th May 2002
at Penang State Art Gallery


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Exhibition V
2002- Her Presence In Colours V
 Clock Tower Gallery, Sheffield. U.K.
August 23rd –October 4th


Ms Panni Loh, Chairperson, International Women Artists Association, England/ Organizing committee of Her Presence In Colours V

The theme of  “Her Presence In Colours V - International Women Artists Exhbition 2002”  is : Women’s Art Towards a Susutainable Environment. This exhibition which will feature the excellent artworks of  80 talented women artists from different regions of the world  is to create an awareness of the contribution of women artists in offering their honest and truthful self through art.


To commemorate the occasion, a full-coloured exhibition catalogue will be published. Beside the  grand  opening  reception on the 24th August , other related activities include women art, conference, educational tours and visit to galleries and so on.


August , 23 at 7.00 pm Mrs Marjorie Barker, Sheffield Lord Mayor was cordially invited to launched the opening

Mrs Marjorie Barker
( center ) with the women Artists.
Opening evening was a delightful mement when people from different ethnic backgrounds met and shared their thoughts and feelings…
Related Activities
  Tuesday August 20, 2002
The participants of " Her Presence In Colours V- International Women artists Exhibition " attended the Workshop: ‘exchanging experiences and cultures’ including tour of Sheffield and visits to Sheffield Millenium Galleries, Mappin Art Gallery and the Graves Art Gallery
Reception with the Lord Mayor of Sheffield at the Sheffield Town hall.. Reception with the Lord Mayor of Sheffield at the Sheffield Town hall.. The international women artists from different countries of the world were warmly welcomed by Mrs Marjorie Barker, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield . Lord mayor hosted the tea reception at the Sheffield Town Hall.
  Wednesday August 21, 2002
Workshop ‘Out in the Field’ techniques and natural imagery, visit to Chatsworth Country Park , House and Gardens
At Chatsworth Country Park
Artists sketching at the countryside
  Thursday August 22, 2002
Educational workshop to London visiting the Tate Modern, The Tate and the Hayward Gallery
INWAC 3rd Council Meeting
Date: 22nd August ,2002
Time : 6.00 – 8.00 pm
Venue: Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Yuen Chee Ling
(INWAC President)
Panni Loh
(INWAC Vice President)
Debrine Lim Smedley
(Hon. Secretary)
Sharon Gill
(Vice Chairperson, International Women Artists Association, UK)
Sandra Ingliss (Chairperson, INWAA- Australia)
Siti Maria Jackson (USA)
Maria Chen ( Taiwan)
Hsu Hsiang Yun (Taiwan)
Jane Yap ( Malaysia)

Apology for Absent:
Dr. Prapapan ( Chairperson, INWAAThailand)
Punsri Vongthong (INWAC Treasurer)



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