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Suan Prakkad Palace Museum



November 27, 1999






Guest Speakers

Her Serene Highness Princess Marsi Paribatra,  Honourary President & Honourary artist.

Yuen Chee Ling
the Founding Chairpeson of Her presence In Colours series of Exhibitions/ Director of Conservatory of Fine Arts 

Gail Nesimiuk
artist from Canada. 


Ms Gusaya Ruangsri  Designer of The Suan Prakkad Palace Museum




1st International Women Artists Council Meeting

Suan Prakkad Palace Museum

July 27, 1999
at 1.00 to 2.00pm

Ms Yuen Chee Ling (Conservatory of Fine Arts, Penang)

Council members :
(the above picture from left)

Sylvia Lee Goh (Malaysia), Dr. Prapapan Nakavachara (Thailand) Dr.Chanida Kanchanalarp( Thailand), Panni Loh (England), Archan Pensri Srisupar ( Thailand) 

Absent :
Sandra Angliss (Australia), Maria Tsu ( Taiwan), Chen Yadan ( China) and Debrine Smidley (USA).



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Exhibition IV
1999- Her Presence In Colours IV
 Suan Prakkad Palace Museum, Bangkok

Her Presence In Colours IV

held at the Suan Prakkad Palace Museum, Bangkok commencing  November 26, 1999 to February 2000  featured  the works of 81 women artists, amateurs and professional from different regions of the world. 

Support & Sponsorship
Chumpbhot- Pantip Foundation

Welcome reception and farewell dinner

Suan Prakkad Palace Museum

    Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhom presided over the opening ceremony . Accompanying Her Royal Highness was H.E. M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra 

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhom is also an accomplised  painter. The book cover painting was painted by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha ChakriSirindhom


  Opening speeches


  • Her Serene Highness Princess Marsi Pribatra

  • Ms.Yuen Chee Ling, the Founder/ President of  International Women Artists Council

  • Dr. Prapapan Nakavachara, Chairperson of  International Women Artists-Thailand.

The opening was well attended by royalties, VIPs and art enthusiasts from both the governmental corporate and private sectors. After the opening , there was a welcome recpetion at the Suan prakkad Palace Museum.


VIPs attended the opening 

Han Nian Long-Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hu Zhan-Managing Director of China International Exhibition Agency, Liao Jing Wen- Director of Xu Bei Hong Memorial Museum, Shen Xi Cheng,(Director of Gallery of Chinese Traditional painting Research Institute), Shi Jun, Director of Art Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts and many renown artists including Pan Shi Xun, Pang Tao, Shao Jhin Qun, Shao Fei, Jiang cai Pin, Wang Shwu Ching and special guests Clement Lee Kum Hung and Khor Kong Hwa .

Related Activities
Farewell party hosted by Her Serene Highness Princess Marsi Paribatra was held at the beautiful garden of Suan Prakkad Palace Museum.  
Cultural tour Date: 27th November 27, 1999 from  2.00 to 5.30pm
Dinner hosted by Six point Group (Thailand)

Dinner hosted by Six Point Artists Group (Thailand) at the Boat Restaurant.

Cutural visit to the ancient site of Ayuthaya


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