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Exhibition 1993-2008
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《Theme Song of Her Presence In Colours 》



INWAC 6th Meeting @ Conference Room at Beijing Neimengu Hotel on 16 April 2008 @ 4 -6pm. The meeting confirmed Oregon USA as the venue for Her Presence In Colours IX- USA 2010. Una Kim, and Madeline Janovec will cooperate to coordinate the exhibition.
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Conservatory of Fine Arts

Since 1993---


The original initiator and organizer of
Her Presence In Colours-

Asian/International Women Artists Exhibition series  
since 1993

International Women Artists Council (INWAC)

started since 1999...


Her Presence In Colours I  -7 Asian Women Artists Exhibition  1993 held  at Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, in July 1993 was the First Asian Women Artists Exhibition


April 11-25, 2008

@ China National Art Gallery, Beijing


Dream of Peace

Heartfelt Appreciation to ....衷心感谢

Historical moment!
146 women artists from 17 countries of different nationalities, various cultural background exhibit together under one roof...
( After the opening ceremony, women artists posed in front of China National Museum )

Dr. Yuen Chee Ling, the President of INWAC thanks  all the participants of Her Presence In Colours VIII-Beijing 2008 for sharing a common vision to promote Peace & Harmony thorugh women art;  Special thanks to
Madam Zhao Heng  and her dedicated committee for their untiring effort to make Her Presence In Colours VIII-Beijing 2008 a big success.

各参展女画家的支持,画展工委会主席赵蘅女士;各工委同人的合作 ...谨向大家致衷心谢忱。


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Her Presence in Colours VIII- Beijing 2008
Women artists share the common vision and mission to promote Peace and Unity
through Her Presence In Colours Exhibition series.......


中外女画家 5 12 地震灾后重建特别行动 暨中外女画家捐献画作展览

China & International Women Artists Special Action In Response to Xichuan Earthquake & Donated Artworks Exhibition

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