Her Presence In Colours X- International Women Artists Exhibition -Vietnam 2012 was successfully held at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum from June 22 -25, 2012
212 women artists from 20 different countries with various cultural traditions and customs exhibit together under one roof. The biggest international women artists exhibition so far.

The theme of the exhibition cum art conference: “Women's Art - a New Direction in Global Culture” reflects the common vision and mission of the women artists and their aspiration for the development of a new global culture that focuses on the humanity aspects of life and their concern for the realization of a sustainable environment.

This exhibition justifies a successful collaboration between International Women Artists Council (INWAC), Conservatory of Fine Arts, INWAA- Vietnam and Women Artists Club, Ho Chi Ming City Fine Arts Association. Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum supports the exhibition by providing the exhibition venue for this significant event while Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts University provides the venue for the women art conference: The Role Of Women Artists In The New Era Of Global Culture And Consciousness.

The Opening Ceremony (24 June 2012- Opening ceremony at HCMC Fine Arts Museum)

Welcome address by Mr. Huynh-Van-Muoi, President of HCMC Fine Arts Association Speech by Hua-Ngoc-Thuan, Vice Chair, People’s Committee HCMC
Address by Dr-Yuen-Chee Ling, President, International Women Artists Council

Address by Dang Thi Duong, Co Chair, Exhibition Organizing Committee

Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation by Mrs Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Member of Central Party/Deputy Deputy Committee Secretary of HCMC

Presentation of Souvinir to the Chair persons of INWAA ( International Women Artists Association/associates), subcenters of INWAC

jUNE 23, 2012- 8th Inwac Meeting At Conference Room, Ming Long Company

Sunday, June 24, 2012
Visit gallery of HCMC Fine Arts Association (Lacquer painting Exhibition).
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