My City
Acrylic      60 cm X 100 cm      2015


Viet Thi Kim Quyen


orn 1972  

 BFA - Graphic Designer

Solo exhibition
2009  Kim Nam and Graphic Design.

Group exhibitions:
2009 and 2011: Biennale Exhibition - Lacquer painting(Digital printing). -
at HCMC Fine Arts University.

2010: 35 years of Southern Liberation of the South April 30 Exhibition - 

          Digital art at HCMC Fine Art Museum

2010: Selected digital arts works - Digital Art - at the National Fine Art 

          Exhibition 2006 - 2010

2011: Exhibition Graphic Design Club at HCMC Fine Art University -
          Wood carving and Litho.

2012: Exhibition at HCMC Fine Art University - Anniversary of established 50
          years of Freedom Arts Department 1960-2012.

2012: Attended Exhibition of International Women Artists Viet Nam 2012 -   
Her Presence in Colours  X in The Museum of Ho Chi Minh City.

2012: Attended Exhibition of Asia International Exhibition in Taiwan

2013: Now attended some Exhibitions held by The Fine Arts Association.

Artist Statement: 
Iím living in a very wonderful place which has been improving to become a modern and advantaged city. Day by day,  itís the beautiful view that I catch on my return home. I always look at the view, take photo, create a painting out of it when I have free time; thatís  MyCity - Ho Chi Minh City in V