The journey
Pen nib      55 cm X 80 cm      2015


To Tran Bich Thuy


Born in Ninh Thuan Province, Viet Nam
Education:   1991-1996 :  B.F.A, Hue University of Arts
                     2006 - 2010: M.F.A, HCMC University of Fine Art
Occupation: Lecturer of Hue University of Arts
                     Member of Vietnam Fine Art Association

The 3rd  prize at the National " Scientific researching projects" in the fields of
 Arts, 1996
Prize, Hue women Artists Exhibition, 1997, 1998, 1999
The 3rd Prize at the 3rd Hue Ancient capital prize by Thua thien Hue Province,
              Association of Literature and Arts, 2003
The 2nd Prize - 2003, and The 3rd Prize - 2010 at the Northern Central  
Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition.
Prize, Northern Central Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition, 2004, 2013.

Painting collected by the Hue General Museum, the Da Nang Museum of Fine Art and private collections in USA,  Germany, Japan, Korea, New zealand, Poland and Thailand.

Artist Statement:
When journeying into the world of colour, I found echoes of life.