Rhythm of the Sea
Oil on canvas      60 cm X 60 cm        2015


Tran Phuong My


From 1973 to 1975, I was introduced to basic drawing concepts and skills at District 5 Kien Thanh Club (continuing education) where interest classes were held for Vietnamese-Chinese adults. At the club I learned sketching and oil painting skills. I also studied watercolor painting and experimented with materials used in painting. To further strengthen my painting skills and share my interest in art creations I applied the techniques I learned from the Club to the general art classes I was teaching in an elementary school. In 1975, I married my oil painting instructor at the Club, Ly Khac Nhu, who has continued sharing his talent and teach me drawing and painting.

In 1991, our passion for art creations and collections inspired us to start a new journey in the art gallery business and Ky Long Art Gallery was opened in Ho Chi Minh City. Since then, in addition to exhibiting our artworks at other events, every year we host major exhibitions and events at Ky Long Art Gallery, especially for Chinese Artists in Ho Chi Minh City.

Today, Ky Long Art Gallery is one of the featured galleries located on the Saigon riverside in Ham Long Artist Village. Since February 2011, Ky Long Art Gallery has become a popular art appreciation destination in Ho Chi Minh City for art lovers from around the world.