Our future is now
Oil on canvas        80 cm x 80 cm     2015


Nguyen Thi Kim Chi


Nguyen Thi Kim Chi was born in1969 in Saigon, Vietnam (self-taught)
Member of The Fine Art Association of Vietnam and The Fine Art Association Ho Chi Minh City

Artist Statement:

Currently paints full time and freelance teaching art and craft to children.
I am inspired by childhood games. My favourite subjects are children's pinwheels and windmills, contrasting with modern wind-turbines; puppets; and self-expressive and over exaggerated self-portraits.    

I am quite fearless and continue experimenting with fresh ideas and techniques.

Women today have a good balance between career and home, though quite different from the days of our grandparents and surely will be very different from the future generations. However, with better education and our passion, this basic foundation shall assure us women foresight of a better future and beyond. Perhaps, it is the speed at which events are happening that is most obvious in my paintings.  

Like many women artists, I am enthusiastic to learn and share through my paintings and handmade art.