Dream of the moon
Lacquer         70 cm x 90 cm      2015


Nguyen Thi Anh Dao


1980   Born in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam
2002   Graduated from HCMC
College of Fine Arts

2008   Member of Women’s Culture House of HCMC
2009   Member of Young Artists Club in Ho Chi Minh City
2011   Member of Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association.
2012   Member of International Women Artists

2014   Member of  Vietnam Arts Association.


2014  “TOUCH OF VIETNAM 8” in Singapore

2014  “GARDEN OF FLAME” - 2014 International Women’s Art Festival at Gwangju Folk Museum Exhibition Hall, KOREA

2014  “Her Presence in Colours XI” - International Women Artists Exhibition at  Art  Museum  Ulanbaator City, MONGOLIA 

2013  “Young Artists Exhibition 2013” in Ho Chi Minh City along with the artist Indonesia to Vietnam

2013   Art Fair 2013 Singapore (AAF 2012)

2012   “Mekong Art Club’s Exhibition” at HCMC Fine Arts Museum 

2012   “Women’s Day March 8rd Exhibition” at HCMC Fine Arts Association        

2012   “Her Presence in Colors X- International Women Artists Exhibition - Vietnam 2012” at HCMC Museum of Fine Arts.  At this special exhibition by 212 artists from 23 countries, Anh Dao   participated in the exhibition as an artist as well as an active volunteer for the exhibition.

2012   Art Fair 2012 -2013 Singapore (AAF 2012-2013 )

2011   “Women’s Day March 3rd Exhibition” at HCMC Fine Arts Association

2012   “Vietnam’s Landscape Paintings Exhibition” at HCMC Museum of Fine Arts

2011   “Young Artists Exhibition 2011” in Ho Chi Minh City

2011   “Biennale II” at  HCMC University of Fine Arts

2010   “Nhip Cau Xanh Exhibition” in the HCMC Exhibition House

2010   “Young Artists Exhibition 2010” in Ho Chi Minh City.

2010   Certificate of Merit awarded by HCMC Fine Arts Association at  
“Young Artists Exhibition”