Color of Love
Oil on plastic       92 cm X 92 cm      2015


Huynh Phuong
Thi Dai Trang


Occupation: Lecturer of Fine Art of University of  HoChiMinh City
Education:   Master of Arts
Member of: Viet Nam Fine Arts & Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association 
                     International Women Artists Council


06.2015: Exchange Exhibition between two Fine Arts Universities Ho Chi
Minh City and Vietnam University of Fine Arts.

09.2014: 2014 International Women’s Arts Festival “Garden of Flame” in Gwangju - Korea.

07.2014: The International Women Artists’s Exhibition XI - 2014 in Ulanbaator  City - Mongolia.

09.2012:  International Women Arts Exhibition “ Lights of Women” in
                Gwangju - Korea.

06.2012: International Women Artists’s Exhibition - Vietnam 2012 in Fine Art
Museum HCMC- Vietnam.

10.2010: Art Exhibition “The 9th National Lifelong Learning Festival 2010”
in Daegu - Korea.

10.2010: Thai - Viet Nam Contemporary Art Exhibition 2010 in Chiang Mai     University, Thailand.

08.2010: International Women Arts Exhibition- 2010 in Portland, Oregon -

12.2009: Spring Exhibition group of eight artists at Fine Art Museum HCMC -

12.2007: Winter Exhibition at Gyeongnam Museum- Korea

12.1998: Painting exhibition group of five artists at IDECAP - HCMC.
11.1994: Painting exhibition group of three artists at Fine Art Association of

Major Themes: Landscape, Portrait
Predispositions Indited: Symbolism - Abstract
Ideas: Heaven - Earth - Human - Love