Ink on rice paper         41cm X 51cm      2014


Nancy Friedemann


Artist statement:
'Creativity is my life force.  When I am not balanced and centered I donít create.  Painting has always been tied into my meditation practice.

If I had a painting project due when I was at the university, I would sitdown and meditate.  After a while the inspiration would come and a painting would flow onto the canvas very quickly.  At university, mygraduation  portfolio was about the microcosm in the macrocosm - the oneness of all things and that everything is energy.

When I moved to Portland Oregon, some years ago, I had the great good fortune to meet and study Chinese calligraphy and painting with a real teacher, Wang Gong Yi.  I studied with her for 10 years and did some of my best work during this time.  I hope to continue painting and learning and growing the rest of my life.'