Oil on canvas       46cm X 61cm        2015


Marci Aylward


Kansas City, Missouri USA based artist Marci Aylward  paintings are shaped by influences from her education at the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Parsons School of Design in New York and Brighton Polytechnic in Great Britain.  Studies in art introduced her to Cezanne, Corot and other masters in the “plein aire” painting tradition. The freshness and immediacy of working from life outdoors has inspired her to paint the immediate surroundings in which she lives. Paintings of both urban areas and the Midwestern countryside, expresses color, light and shadow is an attempt to portray harmony and contrast in the immediate world that she lives in.

Study of art with such artists as Stanley Lewis, Wilbur Niewald, Paul Resika and Leland Bell have had the most influence on the artistic path traveled. This formed a philosophy, which is grounded in the present yet looks to what is universal to all humans.  It is the honest expression of the world in which we all live in today.  Aylward mostly works with oil paint, but also utilizes pastel, watercolor and gouache. Aylward states, I would like to accomplish work that exemplifies the nuance and truth of the visual world. Each composition is compared to writing a poem or a piece of music when I paint.  The process of making art is most important and that experience fulfills and grounds me in the essential important things in life worth doing.

Marci Aylward has shown her work extensively in the United States in the Midwest and East Coast.  The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art has three of her paintings in their permanent collection and is in numerous private collections.  She has also shown her work Internationally in Germany, Russia, Vietnam, Mongolia and South Korea.

Artist statement:
After visiting the ancient Puebloans and looking at the long abandoned dwellings, I thought of the families who once populated and built their homes in the cliffs.  I thought about the women who strived for a better quality of life and I wanted to show this in my work that is being presented in this show.  Being curious about all cultures past and present is what brings me to Taiwan and proud to be a part of this unique experience with other women artists from around the globe.  The work I do is primarily "Plein air" and landscapes are a big part of my body of work.