Life's flower
Mixed media        122cm X 76cm      2015


Lily Ye


Lily Ye, Vice President of the Oregon Chapter of the American Women’s Caucus for Art (, ), Deputy USA Co-Chair of the International Women Artists Council (

As a professional painter, holding both BFA degree at the Academy of Fine Arts School of Idaho State. University in US and MD diploma from Third Medical University in China, Pursuing an advanced PhD ofArt at Portland State University. Lily Ye specializes in oil painting, and is also skilled in Chinese Ink Arts.

She has developed her own unique "Oil and Water Color Merging Technique” which is a proven success in her paintings as a new form resulting from the fusion of Eastern-Western arts. She paints works that bridge the Eastern-Western gap and hopes her art will create a conversation for peace, inspire creativity, and express perfectly pure wisdom to work towards the betterment of the world. She has been featured prominently in various media such as “Who is who in the world” in the USA, as well as a substantial amount international art practices. In addition, she has successfully held solo art exhibitions and has been invited as a special artist to participate in art exhibits worldwide, such as in Russia, Italy, France, China, United States, Mongolia, South Korea, Vietnam and other major international art exhibitions.

This new piece of artwork “Life’s flower” by Lily Ye uses brilliant colors that naturally contours the life rhythm and creative energy. The flowers and their scent flow happily around this beautiful woman who is at the center focus of the painting. It makes one totally lost in the natural harmony and pure enjoyment.