The four season
Mixed media      55 cm x 100 cm


Mrs. Rajanee


The title of the painting “The four seasons” is to remind our friends from all over the world to aware of climate changed.

The earth’s climate has changed in the past and is expected to change in the future.  We already experienced these changes through the day to day weathers. We also have got unpredictable weather changes not only very hot summer and long severe cold winter.  The warming of the planet will be gradual, but the effects of extreme weather events – more storms, floods, droughts and heat waves will be abrupt and acutely felt, both trends can affect some of the most fundamentals determinants of health, air, water, food, shelter and freedom from disease.

As climate changed intensifies, so do the threats of the environmental and ecosystems because they are affected by variation in the weather.  We individual can help save the climate changed situation by strictly use of natural resources and keep the world clean and green etc.  May be you all have heard of many other ideas and you have useful idea you can share among friends.

Thank you all friends for participating to save the climate changed.