Quality food plate
Oil on canvas       48 cm x 48 cm      2015


Dr. Chanida


Dr.Chanida Kanchanalarp graduated in Medicine in 1971 and  received a Certificate and membership from the German Board of Otolaryngology (medical specialist in Ears, Nose and Throat) in 1981.  She worked as an Otolaryngologist and taught in Mahidol University in Bangkok for twenty-fife years. Now she works as a consultant for the ear surgeries in Bumrungrad International and Samitivej  Hospital.

In Paris in 1991 Dr. Chanida Kanchanalarp commenced oil painting.  She is a self-taught artist.  Dr Chanida held a water-colour exhibition in 1996 and donated  her artworks to government schools and hospitals. She has also been exhibiting with the Her Presence in Colours International Women Artists Exhibitions since 1999 (Bangkok) and exhibits annually with the Red Cross Foundation.

Dr Chanida loves traveling around the world and paints in her free-time from work and when she is on holidays.

Artist Statement:

'This artwork shows a plate of rice with fish, eggs, salad, tomato and chillies. This healthy food is what Thai people, like my father, like to eat every day. Healthy food is vital for a better quality of life. My father is 95 years old now and he still has a good appetite. He eats salad and other healthy foods. He wishes to live to over one hundred years of age without any illness.'