Lady in blue cheongsam
Water colour      50 cm X 40 cm      2015


Wu Yen I


Studied in France, artist Wu Yen-I to investigate spindle has been wandering between light and shadow and the reality of disillusionment and of the relative relationship. Advance slowly returning the time of ten years, Wu Yen -I Exploration record, extending from the plane to the image photography and installation, it shows the tenacity and creative cautious attitude to lighting issues. Light closer to the mysterious to even represent divinity imagery, it is actually at the deep everyone mind the source of life will and desire. The medieval philosopher static moment, there are a metaphor divine eternal metaphor, the thinking spirit space Wu Yen -I theme to explore the implicit architecture. Geostationary space contemplative track graceful abstraction ghost, PASSING recollections, loving sad metaphor objects, the self-dialogue with external defense, most of the time is perhaps the creators still pursue flashes moment.

Creative Concept:
The use of watercolor techniques lightweight, full color and water rejection spill flow, showing a woman dressed in blue fashion elegance cheongsam.

Honors / Awards:

2005 Photography Installation (Secret Talk) Selected "Taishin Arts Award Visual Arts - Observatory Platform"

2000 (Under the Shadows of the Butterflies), Annual Project Sponsored by National Cultural Art Foundation

1998 (Indoor Series), Exhibition Sponsored by National Cultural Art Foundation