Oil on canvas      60.5 cm X 72.5 cm


Wang Mei Chih


The change of world is so plenteous that makes everything is pretty and amazing when we watch. Suppose we just concentrate the tiny place, it would be the disorganized image. But if we squinted our eyes, neglected the detailed matter, the world would become so simple and wonderful.

I integrate the complicated and subtle change of my drawing, and try to display the most simple and clean image for my work. In my mind, I deconstruct the space, make everything mingling in the universe. I like to make the picture boldly and colorfully, endow the copious life for the bland things. When the flowers are not just the flowers, the view is not only the view, the art in my heart is becoming so pure and sacred, that is what I am.

Honors / Awards:
2010 Pingtung Art Exhibition, electoral
2014 E. Sun Art Award, electoral