Walfze over Kaoshsiung Harbor
Oil on canvas      116 cm X 89 cm       2013


Shen Chia Ying


Ever followed Teachers(Hung Cheng-tung, Cheng Hung-chang, Cheng Pi-chou) to study painting and joined several local painting associations in Kaohsiung. Currently, a free painter. Very fond of the expression by colors. Recognize that all the colors are the main driving force to make the world and our lives colorful. Do not emphasize whether the shape or appearance is just what we see because all outside shapes and apperances never remain unchanged forever. Therefore, the soul and the emotion are my personal major subject and belief. I have a lot of friends who have had superior performance in arts and I keep learning from them to encourage myself to make progress in the arts creation with an everlasting happy heart.

Solo Exhibition:
2000 - Solo Exhibition at Chi Tsan Arts Space, Kaohsiung, Motif: Wind-like
2002 -
Solo Exhibition at Kaohsiung Municipal Library, Motif: Women’s
 Beautiful World, Year 2002