I am who I am
Mixed media      80 cm X 100 cm       2012


Lei Tzu Ling


I realiaed from my experience of Nature that intuition is the human soul , is truest and most primitive emotion ,I get my subiect matter from life , Take Nature as a teacher,and sing the praises of the wonderful changes fo the lives my art contains impressions of the heavenly bodies,the earth and the sea, along with real women ,objects,and events from my life,Anything that touches my soul may end up bling the subiect of my paintings.While my artisitic hhemes are varies and unrestricted,my passionate love of color is unchanging. In keeping with the theoies of Kandinsky I am aware that beauty comes the needs of the soul. My soul is like a piano with many strings,my colors are like the keyboard, my eyes are like the hammers,and my hand is the my artist:I can make my soul vibrate and resonate with a touch of the keys.The musical nature of colors plays an extremely big role in my artistic vocabulary.i am fond or bold,uninhibited colors, and I feel that bright, beautiful colors possess a vibrant contagiousness that can convey my brimming inner enthusiasm and energy. On my intuitive creativity to willfully release the most intense emotions from the deep places of my soul with the strokes of my brush.I can transform instantaneous tremors in tune with the rhythm of the human and universe into eternal memories on the canvas.

2000   The work “city” wins the honorable mention at the 63rd tai yang art
2001   The work “Ancient city” wins the entry award at the 64th tai yang art
2002   The work “Life on a tightrope” wins the entry award at the national oil
 painting exhibition.
2003   The work “ Spring of Prague” wins the entry award at the 66th tai yang            art Exhibition.