The transference of Kaohsiung
Oil on canvas       12F


Ko Fang Chu


Solo Exhibition:
2000 Kaohsiung Municipal Main Library  
“kofangchu oil painting and ceramics sole exhibition “
2012 Kaohsiung Culture Center Exhibition Center
         Open the Art Folders at Kaohsiung Series
         “kofangchu oil-painting and ceramics sole exhibition.”

Group Exhibitions:
1990-2014 Group exhibitions Art Associations in Taipei, Yun-Lin,
         Jia-i,Tainan,Kaohsiung,and Pin-dong.

2004 Exhibition Center in Kuala Lumpur
         Malaysia Women Artists Association JV with Taiwan
         The Beauty Explore, oil painting

2007 Kaohsiung Culture Center and Tainan Art Exhibition Center     
The American,Canadian oversea Chinese arts exhibition
          ceramics group exhibition

 2009 Kaohsiung Culture Center
          The Kaohsiung and Pindong artists charity exhibition to relieve the
 typhoon funds.