Acrylic       80 cm x 80 cm


Huang Yen Jung


Exploring Abstract Art

Graduated from Taiwan National University of the Arts, Department of Fine Arts. Huang dedicated most of her life to the education of art and the fostering of new artists. For more than a decade, Huang arduously conducted research on abstract art. She exhibits the idea of "Motion and Stillness of the Heart" as the main topic in her works. 

Her recent work, "Black Sun" (environmentally consciousness), is a creative take on a global issue. 

2004  Rated 'Excellent' in the Oil Painting category at the 58th Taiwan
 Provincial Art Exhibition
2004  Second Place Award in Oil Paintings, in the 4th International Art
 Exhibition, R.O.C.
2005  Rated 'Excellent' in Oil Paintings, in the 4th National Grand Exhibition
2006  Nominated in the 23rd Kaohsiung Art Exhibition
2008  Rated 'Outstanding' in the Oil Painting category, 26 th Taoyuan Art
2008  Nominated in the Oil Painting category, 13 th Taduen Art Exhibition
2009  Nominated in the 11th Art Exhibition, China
2010  Third Place Award in the 9 th Grand Oil Painting Exhibition, the
 Republic of China
2010  Nominated in the 4th Bi-annual International Art Exhibition, Beijing,
2013  Rated 'Excellent' in Oil Paintings, in the 12th National Grand Exhibition
2015  Nominated in the 6th Bi-annual International Art Exhibition, Beijing,            China