Chinese gravy
Chinese ink painting       70 cm X 70 cm        2016


Hsu Tan Yu


I started drawing when I was in primary school. Pencil and paper have been my pals for as long as I can remember. In my backpack, there are always a sketch book and a pencil case, which seems to endlessly replenish its supply of pencils and utility knives. They are handy when inspirations come, as I capture whatever I see that touches me.

I have a very supportive family. My parents encourage me to paint, and my younger brother, who is also an artist, always exchanges opinions with me on our works. Ever since I was 15, my family and I have traveled extensively. I have been learning about cultures from different places in every trip, and it helps me understand how a way of life can influence or bring about great creations.

During my studies at Chang Jung Christian University, with a major in Chinese ink painting and calligraphy, most of the topics of my artworks are portraits and architecture. Cuisine has also become a subject that Iíve been painting recently. These are the three most important elements that represent my works. My inspirations come from many sources: the movie I watched last night, flyers found in the mailbox this morning, or even a slice of bread I just toasted. As soon as I wake up, I start looking for ideas in people and things that construct my daily life and fuel my creativity.