Flying over the prairie
Oil on canvas       50 cm X 50 cm       2015


Chuang  Tsai Chin


I paint on canvas with flowing oil color paints. Denying the established rigid form, I create my paintings in a free, casual and playful way. Through layers of brush strokes, endless hidden messages emerge and indefinite symbolic meanings are revealed.

The virtual boundaries of different phenomena and color fields and the mirroring of different consciousnesses and situations are sincerely depicted in my paintings. After all, these are lifeís most primitive vibrations and reflections.

Sometimes this field area is a framework symbolizing a feminine space, which subconsciously suggests the safe and happy feeling of returning to the motherís womb.Therefore, every picture becomes a witness and an imprint of life.

As a female artist, I created my paintingsFlowersin terms of feminism and concern for nature. Flowers, which bloom joyfully in different seasons, are borne on trees of life and flower imagery is commonly associated with women.