Water film
Oil on canvas       53 cm X 41 cm        2015


Chiu Wen Ying



1968   Born in Pingtung County, Taiwan 
Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts in National Taiwan 
 Normal University 
Graduated from Graduate Institute of Design in National Taiwan
           Normal University


* art teacher in Ying-ming Junior High School
* art teacher in National Feng-shan Senior High School   
* member in Arts Alliance Kaohsiung—NTNU Department of Fine Arts
Alumni Association (Southern District)

Artist Statement: 
'Since graduating  from the Department of Fine Arts at the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), I have been committed to art education over the past twenty-five years. In recent years, due to my involvement in the arts community activities, and the profound influence of my predecessors, I once again show great enthusiasm in art creation, and simultaneously bath myself in the fantasy world of art. I am particularly attracted to water reflections and transparent glass scenes, for they display beauty itself from different angles. Artists are luckily endowed with a keen vision by God. Thus, through this wonderful vision artists are able to display to the public every beauty in life. I am also fond of portraits and flowers. In my view, portraits are a form of spiritual inner communication, while floral art is a form of mental healing. To sum up, I am really in love with painting.'