Acrylic on canvas       50 cm X 60 cm       2012


Chen Su Hua


I thank Heaven for my blessings, allowing me to continually learn and to realize the value of existence. My life experience encompasses teaching nursing, teaching flower arranging, learning to play the ocarina and then learning how to paint. In the world of painting, I have opened a new chapter of my life, using the most natural joyful heart to boldly infuse my paintings with colorful new life. I use blocks of color, lines, dots and running paint to transform objects into an abstract world, liberating mental structure and manifesting moving and forceful, free-style painting. My paintings are romantic; abstract; profound, yet not abstruse; and simple, yet complex transformations of the spirit, recollections and poetic intimations of ardent vivacity.

I concentrate most on the color of vitality, transforming it into abstract representations. I seek to represent free, flowing, direct and natural beauty. I draw upon my many years of experience in flower arranging and utilize my own approach to expression via the language, color, lines and color blocks of painting. The framework of space and painted subject comprise the unique appearance of my paintings. I have always felt that to be able to paint at this age without any formal training is a great blessing. I use my life experience to abstract the images of objects and the workings of my heart and mind to combine color, blocks, dots, lines and areas into abstract thought. With a personality that gives play to what my heart desires, I use my painting brush to paint the world in my mind. The two paintings sent for review, “Joyful” and “Jumping,” feature free and unrestrained, joyful, poetic and powerfully flowing expressions of feeling to infuse them with colorful new life.