Image of mind
Acrylic       100 cm X 140 cm


Dr. Chen, Shu-Ping


Dr. Chen, Shu-Ping is a mind ranger who is proficient in Chinese traditional medicine, philosophy and soul energy painting.

Chen, Shu-Ping (also known as Chen Ping) was born in the Chihkan Building in 1973. She displayed a talent for art since she was a child. As a young child she tore out calendar paper to draw on by standing on a wooden chair. She especially she liked to paint a traveller shuttling though the universe. This traveller is a strong ranger and has good skills in jumping through time and space.

Chen, Shu-Ping is from a long line (five generations) of excellent artists and crafts people. From her childhood she learned how to harmonise colours unique to Taiwanese folk art. This ability and knowledge helps her to recognise the colours of soul energy, and make her able to  heal the broken hearts of  people.

Searching unlimited development in creation, Chen, Shu-Ping took studies in elite art classes at the National Tainan Second Senior High School. She continues to read many books about international and Chinese culture and philosophy. These studies inform her art career.

After she graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts, she learned clinical evidence-based medicine from Sir of Malta, Professor of Medicine, Tii Wu and Chinese acupuncture from the famous Tsoyu Chou. In 2006, she gained double doctoral degrees in philosophy and traditional medicine from the Open International University for Complimentary Medicine (OIUCM) of United Nations, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Chen, Shu-Ping has been the Chair of Tainan Alumni Association of National Taiwan University of Arts. Her art combines the philosophy of Chinese Zen and traditional Chinese medicine and her painting style is known as as “Soul Energy Painting.”