Playful cat
Oil on canvas      116.5 cm X 91 cm


Chen Li Ying


I find ordinariness, lifestyle, and simplicity in drawing and interpreting.

My fondness of living was present in the form of drawing. My daughter, my family, my circles and my travel journals are all my favourite narrative themes.

I love drawing portrait the most, because people’s trivia and varied expressions bring me unlimited imagination. Although people’s figure is tangible, I throw boundless emotion to draw something from my cognition. Does the drawing and the actual people have similarity in figure or in spirt? Or is it somehow merely the emerging of my consciousness?

Drawing is pleasurable. Regardless of a cup of coffee, a garden, or an unknown scenery, the process of drawing them always affects and satisfies me. There always are pressure on deepening the connotation in my work, however, the self-imposed pressure always deepens my acknowledge and the strength of my spirit; not much, yet I am satisfied with this little happiness.

Every human being has his unfulfilled dream. We work hard to accumulate wealth. Years later, all we have is some change to have an expensive coffee. We deserve more than that. Take your step and look around you. The time you pay attention to the people and the things around you; the time you find the matter in life’s simplicity—the simple happiness.

We meet in simplicity.