Sheep go home
Oil on canvas       90 cm X 130.5 cm      2012


Chang Fu Chih


              I make my home within the world of men
              Yet din of horse and carriage there is none
You ask me how this guiet is achieved
               Secluded heart creates secluded place
                      (From the poet Taou Eam Min)

Artist statement:

"The Moon World  located in Kaohsiung city is unique and worth visiting. It's surface is much like that of the moon, as its name suggests. Any plants or vegetables can’t be grown in such poor earth; however, it provides some kind of tranquility, and impressive scenery, especially at sunrise and sunset. Therefore, at dusk , when the sun lights up the whole valley and the hill, it's magical and splendid colors are sprinkled here and there over the valley.

In my painting the shepherd leads his own sheep home along the narrow path, with white flowers blooming at both sides, the breeze blowing to the face, and the clear blue sky becoming cheerful. How wonderful it is as if one lives in heaven. Bathed in the warm atmosphere, one will be peaceful in his mind and optimistic about his future.