Super trees
Oil on canvas     60 cm X 84 cm       2015


Chiu Yong Yong


I started doodling since young - drawing on wooden walls of our attap
house(I lived in kampong during my childhood), old sofa chairs and
textbooks . Drawing princesses was one of my favourite pastime then .When I
was  in secondary school, art was my favourite subject. I went on to trained
as a Registered nurse and read law subsequently. I was called to the
English Bar (1997) and Singapore Bar in 1998. Work life and law studies
thwarted my urge to paint and draw full time, as did marriage and having
four children. Family and children are the main focus in my life and took

However about a decade ago, I rekindled my affair with the arts by enrolling
in a course on Chinese ink painting. I also dabbled in ceramics and pottery
at the dragon kiln in Jalan Bahar as and when time permitted with the
children in tow.

In 2013, with the support of my better half and family,  I enrolled in
short courses to learn more about Western art at LaSalle Collage of the Arts.
Concurrently, I also enrolled in Certificate  courses  in Western Art at
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Currently, I am studying Chinese ink painting.

I simply enjoy the peace and calming effect as I paint.
I like nature, animals and flowers. Going on long walks and swims are my
weekly routine .Tending to my little oasis of plants at home destresses me
from the daily grind of running a household.  Nowadays whenever and wherever

I travel , museums , galleries and art shops  are in my must-see  list and I
consciously look out for DIY  activities  which my young children can
participate. I am so glad they find playing with clay , pottery making and
paper making just as or more fun and thrilling than computer games!.
The pieces of work I am exhibiting made me rediscover Singapore and the
Marina Bay region. I revisited the site several times to appreciate the
changes and development of the region.

It has been an exhilarating journey so far, and I hope to continue exploring
painting well into the future.