Oil on canvas        60 cm X 80 cm       2013


Choijil Alimaa


40 years of experience as studying, working and creating fine arts
Working experience as an artist for Mongolia’s Craftsmen’s Association between 1980-1984 and 1988-1994
Working experience as an independent artist of Craftsmen’s Association

Solo Exhibitions:
2005 – Solo exhibition at Museum of Fine Arts, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
2010 – Solo exhibition at Craftsmen’s Association Show-room, Ulaanbaatar
2011 – Solo exhibition in Tack’s Knot show-room, Tokyo, Japan
2012 – Solo exhibition at Craftsmen’s Association Show-room, Ulaanbaatar

Group Exhibitions:
2001-2014 – Participation in annual “Spring” and “Autumn” exhibition of
           Mongolian Craftsmen’s Association
2001-2014 – Participation in annual “Women Artists” exhibition by
            Mongolian Craftsmen’s Association
2005 – South East Asia 8th Exhibition, Korea
2005 – “Mongolia” joint exhibition in San Francisco, USA
2005 – Mongolian artists joint exhibition in Saint Auvent, France
2007-2013 – Annual participation in the Best Artist’s Exhibition by Mongolian
            Craftsmen’s Association. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2007 – “Land of Blue Sky” exhibition in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2014 – The 13th Korea International Art Fair