Mixed media         80 cm X 60 cm       2015


Enkhtaivan Biligt


Enkhtaivan Biligt
was born in 1988 in Ulaanbaatar, Biligt graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing as an architect. Studied printmaking and graphic design in Institute of Fine Arts in Ulaanbaatar, she likes to work with different techniques she learned and practiced throughout the years and bring the architecture feel into her artworks. Compositions of Biligt’s paintings are enlivened by her unique choice of colors, patterns and materials. Currently she is working as an architect and painting as a hobby. She has participated in exhibitions including: "Her Presence in Colours" UB, Mongolia, "Love in Art" UB,  Mongolia, "Her Presence in Colours" Ho Chi Ming, Vietnam.

Group Exhibition:
2014 "Her Presence in Colours" UB, Mongolia
2014 “Spring” Annual exhibition, UB, Mongolia
2013 "Love in Art" UB, Mongolia
2012 "Her Presence in Colours" Ho Chi Ming, Vietnam