Oil on canvas        61 cm X 46 cm       2014


Sally Lee Hoi Har


Sally Lee is from Kedah, Malaysia, nicely landscape rice bowl state. From early years, she is always intrigued by colors, forms, and shape and inspired by surrounding nature to create artistic presentation of all motive of life.

In 2000, She graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Conservatory of Fine Art.

In 2007, she furthered her education in Fine Art in MFA Program at University of Europe Asia  despite of her hectic life.

She is very passionate in art all of her life where her job involvements are always related to art somehow or rather such as graphic designer, furniture designer, product designer, packaging design engineer and art instructor. She enjoys her art related works and regards art as the pulse of her life.

She works in various styles and media such as water color, acrylic, oil painting and Chinese painting. She paints rainforest, still life, scenery, abstract art and anything in nature that inspires her. The natural beauty is so awe-inspiring her. She expresses life and nature interaction in her paintings.

She has been participating in many exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Artist statement:
ďArt is the beauty of life".

1986 - Awarded certificate of Merit in Art Scholarship Competition of Malaysia Institute of Art.