Acrylic       120 cm X 90 cm        2015


Christina Chan


Christina Chan was born in 1961 in Perak, Malaysia. Christina is a fine art painter who works mostly in the medium of acrylic on canvas with crack pastes and other physical effects, although she paints with water color on paper as well. Christina Chan graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) in 1984 with a diploma in Fine Art and worked as an Art Instructor in MIA for almost a decade before co-founding the Montage Art Center in Kuala Lumpur and teaching Fine Art there before retiring to further her Art as a full time Artist.

Christina Chan works very closely with the concept of age, decay and life as reflected in her usage of contrasting physical textures and selectively veiled and grounded color schemes to juxtapose the subject matter of her paintings against the passage of time wrought upon her chosen background for each specific piece.

Christina Chan has exhibited her works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the Ludvig Symposium at Kandlimajor, Budapest in Hungary; the Group Exhibition at the Malaysia Art Tourism Fair; the First Langkawi International Art Biennale, Malaysia; as well as the Bad Zwischenahner KŁnstlerwoche in Germany, Sapanca International Plastic Arts Colony Turkey, XXII International Art Coloney KICEVO 2015 Macedonia,8th Thailand Malaysian Women Artist Art Exhibition Songkhla, 1st Hong Kong International Female Contemporary Art Exhibition.

Christina Chan now travels the world to gain inspiration and experience to enrich her Art. She currently resides and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.