Fractal & Chaos
Digital printing on textile     90cm X 70cm     2015


Park Nam Hee


Park Nam-Hee, born Korea. 
Currently  Honorable  Professor of  Kyungpook National  University. 

Education:   BFA & MFA  at Seoul National University, College of Fine Arts
Ph.D., at Doctor of History of Art, at TOULOUSE -Le Mirail  in

Exhibitions: 27 Solo Exhibitions in Seoul, Daegu, Tokyo, Nagasaki, Fukuoka,
                     Paris, Berlin, Sangjoo, Najoo etc

                     8 Duo Exhibitions in Seoul, Roma, Busan, Gwangjoo, Daegu
                     Gyeongjoo, Nagasaki etc

                     Particiapted 570  times of  Group Exhibitions

Artist statement:
The themes of my paintings are derived from traditonal Korean painting themes of; Fecondity (fertility), Long Life, Hope and Wealth. By using the photoshop program I recompose several traditonal images and then I use digital printing techniques. I think this is the best solution to express a fantastic effect with vivd vitality. It can overcome the limited colour effects of oil colours. Finally, my paintings are a substitute article and a mental symbol