Finding a shadow I
Mixed media      72 cm X 60 cm     2013


Jeongsook Noh


The search for existence can be found in the series, “Finding shadows” and “The source of wind”. To express such conceptual words in a visual way that is reminiscent of paintings, Noh adopted a unique, first of its kind experimental method. She first turned the canvas into a plate. She was once known as a ‘printmaker’ and it is here that she brings the techniques of print such as slashing, digging and the erosion of copper plates onto the canvas. As if bringing up water from a deep well, she has attempted to bring out the color within colors and line within lines on the plate or the canvas. Desiring to use the methods of both print and painting, Noh has created her own unique form of ‘plate+ canvas’. Applying some of her favorite techniques, she used mixed media such as acrylic paint, oil paint, copper and rock powder to turn the canvas into a plate. The screen of the canvas that was turned into a print or plate became the background of an abstract pattern that has a touch of coincidence to it. To this, she drew in the figures of a woman and a horse to express the harmony between abstract and concrete figures. If realistic descriptions are a restricting means of expression, then abstract relies on coincidence. It could be said that with the convergence of coincidence and fate, harmony is created, and this mediates between reality and surrealism. The faintly drawn woman can only be recognized by her outlines but the background is a space that has multiple layers. This refers to outer space and serves as the starting point and end point for our fundamental question of ‘Where do we come from and where do we go?’ The concept of searching for existence and the language of philosophy are expressed in paintings through Noh’s new method.

B.A. Chonnam National University.
M.A, Sungshin Women's, National University.
Ph.D. Department of Fine Arts at Chonnam National University

Artworks Exhibited:
10 solo exhibitions; Seoul, Gwangju, France
2005. Salon de Caudec-les-Elbeuf Invitation Exhibition (France)
2008 Je Gil Gallery Invitation Exhibition-Shadow of Blank
(Woo Je Gil Museum /Gwangju)
2014 Noh Jung Suk Invitation Exhibition “Wind and shadow”(gallery idea Box)