Pond full of lotus
Ink colour         138 cm X 68 cm      2015


Dr. Mi Dong Ying


Board of International Women Artists Council (INWAC): Japanese branch

Managing director of Japanese Chinese Immigrant Overseas Chinese Literature Artist Society;

Founder and president of TONTON Art Cultural Exchange Association, and RINBOKUGAJYUKU Academy School of Chinese Painting;

A title called the ďArt Exchange Ambassador between China and JapanĒ was granted by the Chinese government organization in 2008;

I have various power of expression from a traditional Chinese drawing to a new drawing by the modern sensitivity of Japanese. Private exhibition at Japanese pavilion in Shanghai Expo. 2010,

Nara commemorative events for the 1300th Anniversary of Nara Heijokyo Capital drawing performance show (2010) etc., Iím playing an active part all over the world staying in Japan.
Private exhibitions at domestic and foreign art museums, temples, and art galleries.
19 times. Great Number of exhibitions, prize in international exhibitions.

Zhejiang Educational University, China, Major: Art and Education
China Academy of Art, China, Major: Chinese PaintingTakarazuka University of Art and Design, Japan, Major: Art and Design.
Ph.D in science of Arts obtained at Takarazuka University of Art and Design, Japan 2005;