Calligrapht          60 cm X 60 cm


Kayoko Dejima


Kayoko Dejima is a freelance designer and Japanese calligrapher living in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. She got established as a freelance designer in 1982 and founded Kayoko Pop Art Design School in 1987. Since then, She has provided variety kinds of courses on point of purchasing displays, spatial design, table settings, flower arrangements, and picture letters. She continues to serve in various positions such as, Experts committee Member of Japan Consulting Institute (JCI), Lecturer of Evaluating Examination for POP Skills for Advertisement Creator certificated by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Lecturer of Hiroshima Business Technical College, and Lecturer of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Culture Center. In 2011, Attakado was established by her. She has been tackling transmitting attractive information of Japanese traditional clothes “Kimono“ and Japanese calligraphy. Now, her Japanese crafts, picture letters, and calligraphy work are sold at Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum, Hiroshima brand shop TAU and Garasunosato, and they gain popularity with all generations.