My ducky's house
Oil on canvas     30cm X 25cm     2009


Inkeri Makkonen


Inkeri Makkonen: visual artist, architect

I paint and draw, make installations, sculptures and urban art projects. My works are included in several prominent public and private art collections in Finland and abroad.

Previously I have worked as a violin teacher and architect, both of which I have been trained for. Painting, however, interested me and created discord in my peace of mind. I was sure I would regret it later if I wasn’t brave enough to try it out.

That experiment became prolonged; this work is what I want to do for the rest of my life. When I paint the only boundaries are those of my imagination. I feel alive.

As I work, the elements of the painting actually become abstract instruments, material in space. Wind, water or light are power that I need in order to paint and of which my works are born without premeditation, like sketches.