Water colour          82 cm X 82 cm


Grace Huang


Grace Huang graduated from Zheng Zhi University
 in Taipei, Taiwan, majoring in Chinese Literature.  She then studied master degree in Asian History in New York St. John’s University as well as Education in Columbia University.

She taught as a licensed high school teacher in New York City and San Francisco.  For the past few years, she started again in writing and painting. 

Her novella “ Searching  for  orchid” has gained the first prize in national writing competition held in Beijing 2012.  Her novel “ The old stories in Nanning” has been sold to entertainment media for TV series. Her several novellas were also  published by Crown magazine  and few other magazines in China. 

Her painting was rich in color and strong in figure drawing.  She is able to use water color to achieve high level oil painting effect.  She also has explored Chinese painting technics to develop her own style.

She has positively joined artist and writer associations and has attended quite a few writer’s conferences and painting exhibitions both in US and China.  Last year she luckily became the member of  INWAC and attended the conference in Mongolia.