Life like smoke
Acrylic        46 cm X 61 cm          2015


Cheng Lan Mei


Lanmei Cheng was born in Taiwan with ancestor from Mei County of Guandong. Her father is a professional artist. Later, she immigrated to USA and stay in Shanghai now. With inheritance of her father, she showed her strong talent in fine arts from childhood.

She consistently touched and studied many different form of art and engaged in the platform of international art for more than 30 years. Her creative work pursuit special

Style. “I paint my own way, with different colors and forms, embedded myself in the painting” is her belief. She insist in creation of new artwork, express the spirit of freedom. Her artworks were complimented by local and international art critics and were collected by institutions and individual collectors.

She visited many art museums around the Europe and USA and created a series of artworks like – Brilliant Flowers series, Fantasia series, Dancing Life series, Human body series, Green Mood series, Mother Love series, Deep Life series, Square and Circle series, Six Colors wave series and Cloud and Fog series.

Experience :MBA from US International Pacific University, BS of education   from Taiwan Jiayi Normal University. Chairman of Lanphoon International Art Center. President of Culture exchange across the strait of Taiwan art Association. Devoted to the art education for more than 30 years.

Publications: “ Brilliant Flowers”, “Fantasia”, “Human Body”, “Green
 mood”, “Thinker”.