Summer melody
Water colour          59 cm X 79 cm          2012


Pan Jin Ling


Pan Jin Ling (Poon Kam Ling)

Chairperson of the International Women Artists Association – Macao, 
Committee of the International Women Artists Council,
Executive Committee of Korea Culture Art Research Institute,
Academician of Japan Tokyo Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Institute.

Postage stamp designer specially invited by Macao Post Office.

Invitational Exhibit of Works by Renowned Chinese Female Artists.
“International Culture Art Prize ”of the “International Culture  Association of
4 th Beijing International Art Biennale China.


Four Outstanding Awards in the “Hong Kong Design 98 -Asia Pacific stamps
& Illustrations”.
Outstanding Awards in the 10 th National Art Exhibition.
Superior Prize in the 4 th Asia Pacific Ink Drawing Art Exhibition-Japan.
3 rd Prize in the Exhibit of Calligraphy and Painting Works by Chinese  
Gold Prize of watercolor of the“Macao Scenery”of the“12
th Macao Art   
Bronze Prize of the “Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition for Chinese
“Achievement award in Art”by the “Centre of International Cultural
 Exchange China”of the “Cultural Ministry of China”.