As time goes by
Coloured ink        60 cm X 60 cm      2015


Zhao Jian Ming


Zhao Jian Ming (Janice Chiu), engineer, freelance writer and Vice Chairman of International Women Artists Association (Hong Kong), has studied Chinese painting under the Lingnan school of painting, and is a member of “Mu Feng Art Studio”.

Since young she has been interested in music and literature, both in Chinese and foreign culture. She also likes to travel, admiring and studying different forms of Fine Arts in painting, photography, music, sculpture and architecture during her voyages, to enhance her artistic potential and to enrich her expressive ability in her painting. She likes to explore through literature like poems to absorb spiritual nourishment and creative inspiration.

She is now seeking a creative path, to fully express her emotions in blending Eastern and Western, thus creating a unique personal art form.

At the “Her Presence In Colours XI - International Women Artists Exhibition Mongolia” in the end of July 2014
. Her painting “Moonlight over Spring River” was collected by Mongolia collector.