Diumal mountain
Ink on paper      138 cm X 68 cm    2014


Qi Peng

Qi Peng is the vice-president of the Xinhua Painting and Calligraphy Institute, researcher of the Wu Guanzhong Research Fellow Association in Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, member of the Chinese Artists Association and Hong Kong Artists Association. Qi Peng has been recognized as a “scholar-painter” among art critics. She has received silver award at the International Ink Competition and national gold award for her thesis. She is the host of the national subject projects. She has published several publications, including “Qi Peng’s Collection”, “Symbol in China” and “New Sensibility”, “Contemporary Culture and Perceptual Revolution” and other works. Qi Peng was awarded titles “Contemporary Artist”, “Influential person for Chinese painting and calligraphy”etc. Qi Peng’s solo exhibitions: 1993 “Qi Peng Art