Old house
Oil on canvas       44 cm X 50 cm       2015


Zhang Peng


Awarded Bachelor’s degree in Central Academy of Arts and Design, being as Senior Editor of China Radio and Television Publishing House.

Painting Works:

Oil painting Tatuo was selected into the “National Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition”;

Oil painting Snowfield was collected by Boya Art Gallery;

Oil painting Grown Trees was selected by “China Great Wall Oil Painting Exhibition” and collected by an American;

Oil painting long way was selected by Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum.

Illustration Quixote was selected in the “Tenth National Fine Arts Exhibition”, and awarded as the Excellence Prize in the “6th National Book Design Exhibition”.

Contemporary oil painters collectirons Zhang Peng’s Oil Painting Collection, was published by Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House.

Graphic Design Works:

Poster Sun Watch was awarded as Excellence Prize in the “National Advertisement Graphic Exhibition”,

Poster A child , A tree was adopted and published by UNESCO,

Cover design, Maodun  and I was awarded as the Silver Prize in the art designs of organizations governed by central government.