Once in a life time
Oil on canvas       90 cm X 70 cm      2013


Wang Jing


Born in 1983 in Harbin Heilongjiang.

At an early age, parents nurtured her with art education of painting and piano, and she is so talented and has her special emotion for art.

As Chief Designer of China largest and most famous commercial enterprises, her works have been studied as a textbook in the commercial industry.

Graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University/ Academy of Art Design/Bachelor

Experiences related to art:
New concept book design: Dream
New media image works
Touch The Sound
The 20th Korea Grand National Contest of Neo-plastic Arts / Winning award
Fashion illustration series, and for commercial publicity

About " Once in a lifetime ":
In one stage of life, the loss of an important person revealed a new understanding of the emotions among people. Painting for me is like language, which is a silent express, telling my unwillingness, helpless, sadness and cherished memories then. If once acquaintance in the whole life is destinedlet's cherish it full heartedly at leastthough it may disappear suddenly with a blink,the best memory will always remain.