Our happy butterfly
Printmaking on paper      45 cm x 60 cm      2014


Qi Jianhong


Qi Jianhong was born in the Great Bei Da Huang in northeast China. Where has nourished numerous painters, writers, poets and performing artists. The neighborhood with them in the childhood undoubtedly is a gift for her from God.

She now lives in Beijing. She once worked in the Cloisonné factory as a designer, the director of furniture factory, university counselor and housewife, and ran her own business as well. Only writing and painting, however, are her destiny! She has been trained in the English Language Department of Beijing Forestry University, the Department of Business Administration of Peking University and the Costume Designing Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Tsinghua University successively.

She travelled and studied in many countries and regions so that she became a master of natural color in painting by finding views during her traveling.

By the senior teacher's encouragement, the first exhibition!

The wonderful life comes from every ordinary beginning!