Winter's struggle
Water colour        42 cm x 30 cm        2015


Sandra Angliss


Sandra Angliss was born in the bay-side suburb of Mordialloc (Melbourne) in 1960. She is an artist and art teacher, currently teaching art to children with complex needs, aged 5 to 18 years, at a special school in Melbourne.

Sandra has been interested in making art and playing with colours and ideas since she was a young child. Her first influences came from her creative and crafty mother and father, Mavis and Jim Angliss, and  also from her maternal grandmother Emily Park, known to the family as 'Dubbie'. Sandra's family taught her the joy and satisfaction of making something with 'your own hands'.

Sandra gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Education (1988) , with majors in painting and print making and she is also trained visual arts teacher.

In 1999 Sandra joined INWAC, after living in Penang and participating in Her Presence in Colours III Penang 1998 and Her Presence in Colours IV Thailand 1999.  In 2003 Sandra formed INWAA-Australia with her artist friends from the Box Hill Community Arts Centre, Melbourne. INWAA-Australia organised Her Presence in Colours VII Melbourne in 2004, held at The Manningham Gallery, Doncaster.

Sandra has exhibited her colourful artworks since 1984 in Australia, and internationally since 1998 in her involvement in Her Presence in Colours International Women Artists Exhibitions.

Artist statement:
'Art can help us slow down and ponder; both as an artist and as a viewer. When I was thinking about the short lives of butterflies and how much damage they incur during a bitter, windy winter, it made me think how all life is short, how we are all fragile and how many women and men tirelessly care for their loved ones struggling through the winter of their lives.'