Local restaurant
Paper cut on pastel paper       48cm x 60cm      2015


Roma McLaughlin


Roma graduated in painting from Prahran College of Advanced Education, Melbourne. She has extensive experience working in various styles and media.

More recently Roma has developed an interest in the art of papercutting, using only paper and a scalpel.  This medium allows her to explore intricacies of patterning and contoured shapes as she creates her images.

She has exhibited her paintings and papercuts in various group shows overseas and in Melbourne where she lives and works.

Artist Statement:
'My papercut piece 'Local Restaurant' is part of a body of work reflecting the changes in the suburb of the city in which I live. Imagery of apartments, offices, shops and restaurants are juxtaposed to interior scenes from my home.

Intricate patterning is taken from domestic furnishings and décor, and from the architectural design I observe around me.  I use patterned borders like those used in medieval manuscripts to serve as windows from which external and internal worlds may be viewed.  These borders serve to illuminate these contemporary scenes of my everyday life.

Rapid growth in population is changing the nature of my suburb.  My childhood memories are of a quiet outer suburb of Melbourne.  Today it is a fast growing, vibrant, high rise city within a city.  It is home to many people not born in Australia, who bring with them a variety of cultural influences.

Observing my immediate and surrounding environment through my art work has helped me to understand and communicate the changes in my world.  I believe that through communication and dialogue we can understand, accept and embrace change.  In this way we can build a better future together.'