Heavy clouds
Oil on canvas      50 cm x 76 cm       2015


Fay Salmon


Fay graduated from a Fine Arts Degree at Latrobe University, College of Northern Victoria, Bendigo, in 1995. She has exhibited in group exhibitions in local galleries in Melbourne and Victorian cities also exhibited internationally. These include Her Presence in Colours in Melbourne 2006, China/Beijing 2008.  She participated in The Blossom Spirit Exhibition in Taipei/Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2010 and 2012 Blossom Spirit Exhibition showcased in the Melbourne Fo Guang Shang Gallery. Works have been entered in the Imago Mundi Exhibition 2015 to be held in Vienna as part of the 55th Biennale of Venice.

Fay has taught many workshops and short courses in painting and drawing for adults and children. She has experimented in many different mediums and now primarily works in oils with emphasis on texture, limited pallet colour, tone and colour to create atmospheric impact or tension.

Artist Statement:
'The Australian landscape and especially the skies are my painting focus. I enjoy looking and learning from nature and taking in the beauty of the world around me. Through my art I hope to encourage others to enjoy and respect our environment. In my paintings I attempt to capture the magic moments of light and movement when clouds and skies can both lift our mood with pleasure and awe or lower our spirits with heavy hearts. To capture those moments is the challenge.'